While this doesn't address the tubes that you all are working with, it does speak to minimal agitation.

I developed 3 4X5 Efke PL 100 negs tonight using minimal agitation. These negs are obviously for enlarging. I used Pyrocat at 1-1-150 dilution and used the fiberglass screens on the base side of the film. I noted no scratches on this film. I did have scratches on an 8X10 Classic 200 the other day with minimal agitation. The difference between these two aside from the film size was that I did not invert the tube during agitation this time. I gently laid the tube on it's side and rolled it in the water bath for 15 seconds and then set it upright again.

My water presoak is done with the tube open on one end and laid on it's side in the tempered water bath. I use the tempered water as the presoak water.

I haven't had time to read the density on these negatives but my times were 19 minutes (SBR 7) and 23 min (SBR 6). The negatives are certainly printable but may need to adjust development time from the times I used.

I will post the density of these negatives as soon as they are dry for those who may want to use this technique with Efke film for enlarging.