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As someone on the short side of 50 (mid 30s), I want to be somewhere that my work is exhibited, appreciated, and I can earn a decent income off it. I hope that my brain does not stultify sufficiently by the time that I turn 50 (or 60, or any other age) that I cease to grow and mature artistically and intellectually.
In all honesty, brain stultification sets in shortly after one has passed through his/her mid-30's! By the time you reach 50 you are in a hopeless state.

And, despite desparate scientific research for a cure, this situation is irreversible. In fact neither pomegranite juice nor green tea mixtures can stem the degeneration despite what the ads tell you!

Indeed, within a few years you will discover that a brain's attitude begins to shrink in equal inverse proportion to the growth of its wisdom!