Seing this thread: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum54/, and visiting recommended sites, and thinking of previouis experience when searched for same issue sites, I've noticed next: On lots of "fine art nude" sites you can find advices how to work with models, and almost all of those sites tells that having portfolio and web site with different models and same models from different sessions, and especially if those models looks great on photographs helps a lot to find next models for session. But what those advices not telling is how to have photographs from first time session to show to potential future models. That is, no advices how to find model for first time fine art nude photography session. And for everything there is first time, isn't it?

What I want to say, it seems like every of those helpfull people which so kindly gives advices how to find next model, have some deep dark secret how they find theire model for first time nude session, and that advice can't be given, because that is secret... Like first time nude session must allways be on such dark and shamefull way that it can't be said...

That reminds me of next: You know when you see new business man from Eastern Europe, now very rich ad succesfull, you can ask them almost everything, and they will gladly answer. Only one question you can not ask them, or you can lose you life if you ask that question. And question is: How you earned your first million..."