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Anyone have any thumbrules or starting advice? I will be using MG paper.

Second question. Has anyone combined flashing with split contrast exposure?

I have dabbled with the flashing concept and MG paper. What I concluded was that with the enlarger lens set 24" above the paper and at f-16 and the lamp (Chromega D II head) at white light, a two second exposure would produce a shade just breaking the surface base white of the paper. You will need to experiment with your own tools but I think you will come out somewhere near my findings.

When you decide on your flash exposure, make a half-dozen sheets or so and reserve them for use later. Don't make so many that you can't afford to chuck the whole idea later (just my Scottish ancestry talking).

With a cache of flashed paper it makes no difference what printing technique you use. You are using a 'custom' paper base that will respond to straight printing, split contrast, contact, etc.

Now, flashing in Texas may be illegal, it is here in NY. Be careful who you flash in front of.