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. . . if you book them through an agency, they're usually one of two types - runway models who think in terms of fashion poses only, or "boudoir" models with surgically enhanced body parts who only know how to do erotic modelling. . . .
I wouldn't book through a conventional agency, either. Most "real" agencies (commercial, editorial, fashion) don't want their models to do nudes (unless you're Partick Demarchellier [sp?]), even though some do. I also agree that "buodoir" or "glamour" models typically aren't well-suited for artistic nudes. Dancers (of the non-erotic kind) often do make excellent figure models, however, as they've studied how to move and be graceful.

And, I agree with Haris' originally-intended point - much of the "advice" given in the published books on the topic skip over this area. There may be an element of selfishness involved, along with the fact that what works in one area might get you slapped or arrested somewhere else, and publishers don't want that liability.