I've been looking around for a 4x5" enlarger for over a year now, and have come across a "Homrich color enlarger". I have never heard of Homrich though. Does anyone have some info on this brand? Is it any good? I mean, how would it compare to a Durst, DeVere, LPL, and the like?

I use a Durst condensor enlarger (M601) and use Ilford MG filters for Variable contrast B&W paper. How difficult is it to use a color head to manipulate print contrast? Or should I wait until I find an enlarger with a VC B&W head?

I apologize for the many questions, it's just been so long (over 13 years) since I've been in the market for an enlarger, so my knowledge on the topic is a bit rusty.

Thank you for any information you might want to share,