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...has got to produce sime pretty harsh OOF renditions. So among the usual suspects - El-Nikkor, Schneider, Rodenstock - which 6 element lens has the most number and the most rounded aperture blades? If anyone has experience using them as macro lenses, I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.


I have a Russian "Vega-11U" (marked "Вега-11У") 50mm lens. It has a f/2,8 maximum aperture, has rounded aperture, and according to its passport, has 5 elements. From what I can see through the lens, it may have as many as 8 aperture blades.

Haven't used it for macrophotography, only for printing in colour. The prints it made were excellent, and can give the more expensive El-Nikkors a run for its money It should do well as a macro lens, but for such an application, you might find its f/11 minimum aperture somewhat limiting.

I got it on eBay for US$11.