Thanks for the responses. A couple of clarifications - I am not trying to use a 35mm SLR lens for enlarging, nor am I planning to stick with the Voss - I know it is junk. Which is why I have decided to get an El-Nikkor, Schneider, rodenstock or similar f2.8 lens and I am going to use it occasionally for macro as a reversed lens.

So my question is, among these lenses, which has the most rounded and most number of aperture blades?

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I've found fast lenses such as the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 and a similar old Canon 50mm to be poor for macro work, reversed or not. It's not a matter of bokeh: nothing was as sharp as with a macro or good enlarging lens. However, don't throw away your Voss or Beslar lenses. In desperation they can be used as magnifiers.
I agree. I would get a 55/2.8 micro-nikkor but am exploring this option because I need to get a good enlarger lens anyway.

Lee and Jay, thanks for the recommendations. I'll look out for them on eBay.