I am bumping this post up because it seems to have gotten passed up, and I have wondered about this myself.

Also, expanding on the question, since I'm here(I hope you don't mind me adding onto your post :whistle: )...

...In addition to D-76 dilutions, what other developer dilutions or ingredients are associated with effects such as acu-whatsit, sharpness, grain, tonality, etc? For example, all the developers in my camera store(I looked at D-76, DK-50, Acufine, FG-7, HC-110, Perceptol, Sprint, Lauder, Rodinal and others) list some form of (I'm going from memory here so give me a break on the spelling) hydroquinone and sodium sulfate. Can these products really be that much different with the same 2 basic ingredients?, Or is it the formula and other additives that make the difference(s)? Or is dilution mostly the factor. Can anyone give some info on what to expect from some of the commercially available developers and dilutions thereof? Or what ingredients to look for for a specific result?