Hey all, I may be purchasing a very large collection of glass plates and negatives from the 1920's-30's. The collection is from two photographers who worked in the adirondak region of NY state. Many of the negs and glass plates are 5 x 7, with several others being 4 x 5 to odd medium format sizes. I'm having a hard time finding used 5 x 7 stuff on ebay, any recommendations on where else to look? models to look for? There are some fantastic photos from the 32 winter olympics as well as several of FDR from his time as governor of NY state. The previous owner originally hired me to contact print several of the images, but after a while decided to purchase a flatbed scanner and had the prints made at wally world. I think printing these images would not only be a great learning experience for me, but printing them in a wet darkroom on fiber paper would give many of the images the quality they deserve. Any help would be appreciated.