40mm is not necessarily "too close to 50". It's not just how much field of view you have, it's also perspective and how a lens draws. Three of my fixed lens RFs have 42mm lenses (Oly 35SPs and Oly 35RC), and I find the way they render images significantly different than 50mm.

35mm is a big change from 50mm, so if a big change is what you're looking for, then it is a good choice. For many years I used a 35mm as my "standard" lens, and I still love how it works for me, even though a 28mm is my current love for semi-wide angle.

I think it's almost impossible to make a decision without trying them, so I don't know how you'll come to a conclusion. It also depends on the type of photography you do. I guess the question would be why you want a wider lens so badly.