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So it hasn't arrived yet?
I don't know, since I haven't arrived home yet!

I didn't intentionally outbid you - since the auction ended when I was asleep, I used a free sniping service to enter my bid. I think I've discovered a tendency that there are some people who will bid on anything I bid on, so I try to not give them enough time to find out what I think is good. I've lost several lenses I was interested in to late bids by the same four or five people. One of them had been listed for the fourth time without selling, but the moment I placed a bid it was suddenly "attractive".

I will let you know what all of it is, as soon as I know myself!

I think one of the irises should be small enough to mount on a Gandolfi lensboard, allowing me to use some very fine old lenses on my best 5x7" camera.