I've been teaching a beginning photography class this summer, and this upcoming week is my last.

I want to make sure that I'm giving them a broad experience, so we've talked about all kinds of photography, different genres, technology, art history, photo history, photographers, trends, etc...

They are eager to explore just about everything I send them, and we are doing a lot of the teaching and correspondance via e-mail and links I'm sending them to visit and read.

It is in addition to the lectures and darkroom work that I'm having them do, and they enjoy having the links to visit on thier own time.

I'm curious, now that it's down to the end of the semester, what fellow APUG-ers would have them go see.

So, post up some links that you think a beginning photo student ought to see and I'll send them one final barrage of things to read about.

Oh, and thanks!