...I just returned from a vacation, where I read Freeman Patterson's "Photographing The World Around You" - a very helpful book....particularly for a leftbrainer like myself.

Don't know if you would find it helpful to point them to something like www.photoquotes.com, to find quotes like the one in my signature file.... Also, there are transcripts of oral history interviews at the Smithsonian website. (One example: http://www.aaa.si.edu/collections/or...s/cunnin75.htm. I like how Imogen, when asked about a contemporary, would say: "I'm gonna be dead by the time they read this, right?")

Finally, you may suggest to them if they don't "get" somebody's photography, it may (and I stress *may*) be worth a second, harder look. There are several photographers whose work I initially dismissed, and later have come to like very much.

You are welcome to ignore all this advice if you wish.....