I got a Kiev a few years ago. The kit contained two backs, two lenses pentaprism, extension tubes and pistol grip. It is am original russian model , not the Hartblei refurbished one.

I was lucky that the metering prism was spot on (a very rare occasion), however the interior of the body is not black and you do get some internal flare. Also the one I have has the copper shutter and not the cloth one. Do not get one with a cloth shutter. Since the mirror falls into viewing position only when the shutter is cocked, you can damage the shutter if you accidentaly point the camera at the sun for an extended period. (there are too many reports of burn holes on cloth shutters)

All in all is a very good (if somewhat heavy) camera and the lenses are very good. Internal flare seems to be a problem sometimes (but some DIY can fix that easily).

One thing that you have to be extra careful about is the operation of the camera. If you change shutter speeds before cocking the shutter you can damage the mechanism and then repair costs can be more than what the camera is worth.

If you intend to buy one I suggets spend the extra cash and buy a Hartblei one. They refurbish and paint the interior as well as calibrate the metering prism before selling them.