I've heard lots of great things about wood tripods, and maybe would get one of them if I could spend the $30,000 on all the other gear I want.

There's one issue that these wood-heads don't recognize, which is that an equivalent cost and almost equivalent weight metal tripod will dampen vibration pretty damn well too. Why? Maximum capacity.

I use a Cullmann Titan CT200. I've only had it for about a year, but am very happy with it. It's been beaten up from Rockport, Maine to standing in sea spray at the Jersey shore, and is built like a tank. It's the Saltzman of tripods, in my opinion. It has a few weak points, but I like it better than any of the Bogens or even the Majestic, though I haven't used one.

The number one tripod which I would get if I had the money is a Schatler. I've used a 40-pound EFP camera on top of one, and it'a a beautiful tripod - the carbon fiber ones, I mean.

Anyway, as to capacity, my CT200 is rated at 154 pounds, and withh hold my 25 pound camera no problem, and with VERY little vibration. The only time I notice vibration is with the tripod at full height, including center column (21" I think) putting the camera at about seven feet or so. Then, it takes a little while for the vibration to die down.