Ya, I agree about the meeting, etc. Honestly it didn't seem like free parking was much of an issue, as there were quite a few spaces open (I parked 10yds from the front door).
I really didn't have any problems shooting a 4x5. Then again, I shyed away from the 'main' areas, and I spent a lot of time in places where I never saw anyone else.
As I said earlier, I used HP5, and my exposure times ranged from 8s-1/25th. The longest exposure I made was metered @ 16s; but this was in a dark corner of Death Row.
I think the place would take on a whole other persona had it been later in the year when they would have to light the inside. Perhaps we should plan our next trip in Mid-Late November ?
Did you guys make it to see the 'hole' ? The Sun/Moon chart that was created on the ceiling was astounding.