Thank you all for replies.

I have decided to go to new model (Kiev 88CM, not Kiev 88). Reason is I have friend who has Kiev 88 model, bought in Kiev, when he visited USSR. Talking with him, we decided that old model is not worth of buying. Only what I must decide is would I buy Kiew 88CM or Hartblei or Arax version.

I was in contact with Mike Fourman, he was wery kind and fast in answers. He gave me good price, and was kind enough to say he would wait untill I got money(as I said my monthly income is such that it is problem). So, I would like to deal with such kind person, but as I am in Europe(Balkan), maybe buying from Arax would be easier.

Thank you all, and if you have some additional information, please be welcome to tell me.

Best regards,