It's amazing how the human eye can adjust to different light levels. My darkroom is *far* from light-leak-proof; I have various displays going - LEDs on the JOBO processor (although automatically dimmed) a LED radio tuning display, the ColorStar LED display, the Omega D5500 control panel display... fogging has never been a problem. I do admit to closing my eyes when loading film, to minimize the light leak effect. I also, more often than not, keep my glasses on ...???

Now ... Kerry. He *is* from Massachusetts. In this case it is less than six degrees of separation ... One of the Lawyers in my daughter's law firm (she is a Legal Secretary) worked *closely* with him on his campaigns for the Senatorial elections -- and I can *guarantee* he is anything BUT a dim bulb! I've heard nothing but good things about him from those who have worked with him.... unofficially, when they have nothing to gain or lose.
One thing I've heard ... he *hates* to lie ... that really goes against his "grain". Compare that to .... (!!!).