ya david... im not professor yet lol, but in philosophical discussians it is very important to have some ecentric behaviour, it is like a time out...lol.
about the digisix... im talking about the one with flash reading (it is about the same) and i have to tell - it si simply great, especially outdoors with a wide angle camera( it does not have of course the light metter in it). it is
1.very small and very orgonomic
2. very accurate and has very inuitive light reading for me (in incident light which i rarely use, and the most important in the reflective reading). the flash reading is very good as well (when u use one flash - handheld or shoe, through the walls and cells it is just erfect).
3. the logic behind the weel of this metter is just great - very intuitive and very fast - just turn to the ev of the reading and u have all the combinations in a glance.
so along with other gossen light metter with the spot reading, you have everything u may need for light evaluastion. one very fast and very intuitive, and the other very scientific...lol.