This is a little off topic (like most of my posts...)

I just bough a used Pentacon Six TL, from ebay, which is flying from kiev to DFW right now... Yeah, cameras like those have a certain iffyness about them, but for 150 bucks shipped, with a lens, its what I consider a good upgrade from a beat up, 50 yr old german TLR I inherited (which recently broke for good).
Anyway, I've heard that the p6 are completely different animals than the kievs, and carry different problems, but for 150 bucks, it might be another option for you to consider...
In the other hand, if you can afford an ARAX, go for it. Even if their bodies are much pricier, you are paying for reliability (hopefully, anyway), and still leaving your self with many cheaper lenses to choose from.

enough ranting (from my part), I'll let you know how the P6 performs once it gets here, if you'd like