Alrighty. I got my Alien Bees 800. I got my 9' background hanger. I got a few rolls of paper.

Now I need lighting control.

I have the standard "reversible umbrella" which I do like. I've gotten some good results by bouncing off the silver side straight into the subject. Gives nice highlights on the eyes that I like. I've played with a few different things. Even used my SP 5-in-1 reflector.

Now, I want to play with some other lighting controls.

But I'm still paying off Christmas (1996 that is... ). So I'd like to see about making my own snoots and grids and things like that.

Although I do have this somewhat reasonable fear of fire. It would really suck if I made my own snoot and burned down the house. Plus I think my girlfriend would probably be pretty mad.

So I am loathe to just start putting thing in front of my light willy-nilly.

So, any hints or safety tips on making my own controls? I'd like to start simple. Like a snoot.