Thanks for the kind words!

The Spring Break series was a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway w/ my 11 y/o son on the R100gs. We've done other trips, but as he gets older he's a bit more whiney. I understand why Robert Pirsig went nuts in Zen and Art of M/C Maint.

Really, the trip was great.

The BMW rally pics are the Square Route Rally, outside DC, near Camp David. I was a speaker there, spoke about a book I've written, and the B/W shot is / was my audience. Before I started talking, I asked if I could just take a shot of everybody, as I was basically a tourist and the photo would be my souvenir. I took the shot, then a half-dozen people went "What the Hell kinda camera is *that*?", and the ice was broken. The Widelux wasn't meant to be an ice-breaker, but it did a great job anyway.

My first BMW was a 1978 R100s, which I added an RS fairing, good shocks, and frame and swingarm bracing to. My next BMW was an R11rs, which was perhaps the finest machine out of a dozen bikes I've owned. My third BMW is the GS, and it's got a character all its own. Doesn't fit into any niche, and is a blast to ride.

You might enjoy this - my R11rs is here:

I'm the shaved head on the right.


PS: another moto-related photo subject I enjoy is my Dad's Model T Fords, shot with my Rolleiflix in B/W. My Dad actually enjoys it too, and he never liked photos as a younger man.