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I have been doing some high key shoots with white seamless and three Photogenic monolights, my main (f/8.5) has a large softbox, positioned/angled close and left to my subject (child), my fill (f/11) is umbrella-bounced, positioned just behind camera/slightly right,
and my backlight (f/22) has one of those dome-thingys so all the light pours over the background.
Silver reflector positioned at subject's right.
The last time I set this up, my background was blown-out, as I had intended, and the fill was spot on. Yesterdays work had shadows.... and I'm not understanding why I'm not consistent.
So, what's wrong? Are my f/stops off? Any advice.
I'm not familiar with Photogenic Monolights. When you say that your main was f/8.5, are you describing metered readings? If so ... Reflective or incident?

One thing a little unusual is that your "fill" at f/11 is a half stop "stronger than your "main" at f/8.5. Usually it is the other way around ... but no big deal, as far as I can see. A half stop isn't much of a difference.

Possibly ... you write that your fill is "just behind the camera/slightly right." I have to be *very* careful with lighting "behind" the camera - I have been known to meter (Gossen Ultra Pro with Studio Dome attachment ) for incident readings at the subject's position, and then block one of the lights with my body when I move to the camera. Possibly ...? Were you standing in the same place while operating the camera at both sessions?