I have had my RB for a short time, so I am still getting used to the three part process of using the focusing wheel, shutter cocking mechanism, and film advance lever prior to taking a shot. I am sure that with time (and many more rolls of film) I will get used to it, however I would like to purchase a handle or grip for it. I find it awkward to hold it with my left hand while going through the three step process. I usually end up holding on to the focus wheel on the left side of the camera by mistake having to reposition my hands to then be able to get the shot. I like the idea of handholding my RB. Are there any grips or handles out there made for the RB (Mamiya or aftermarket)? I am hoping there is something similar to the wood handle of the Pentax 67. On my old 645's I used a handle mount flash as a grip, but those cameras were lighter than my RB. I tried using a handle mount flash, but the way the flash bent while supporting the RB looked like it was going to snap. Any suggestions?