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As long as your AF lens is of the type which still has the aperture ring, you can use it on an MF body. Some of the later Nikkors no longer have an aperture ring, going the way of Canon and Minolta AF lens build style.

Also, the shorter throw of the focus may bother you. The focus turn from minimum focus to infinity setting is often just a short flick of the wrist.

I have to say I was impressed recently when I purchased a 60mm AF Micro-Nikkor. In manual mode it focuses just like a manual lens and it has a nice aperture ring too! On looking at other "proper Nikkors" (ie. not the cheapo ones supplied in kits with the cheaper bodies) it seems that most are constructed in this way.

I think that this may be why Nikon are discontinuing a lot of the manual AIS Lenses now - there is no need for them.