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There's nothing I don't shoot. I'm in automatic mode when street shooting. Editing what's OK or not OK comes later, when I'm looking at the contacts. If I have to stop and ponder in the street it's often too late to shoot the moment I was thinking about shooting. It's the nature of the genre.

As an aside, why do some of us take the time to write in a forum just to say this has already been talked about? Seems like a waste of time to me.

Because someone may not be aware of that fact, and may want to read through a much more extensive thread on that topic they may not be aware of. This generally happens to newer people, and they sit and wonder why this bunch of snobs don't chime in on their topics - all the while its because they already responded at length elsewhere on the same topic.
But I guess you can just ignore people - that'll learn 'em!
Of course, when the thread is almost exactly two lines down from the one you started... well, then I just do it to be a smart ass. Do you mind?