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Mike, whilst I agree that your philosophy is sensible, I think that there is a danger that one can get too hung up on the technicalities, the important target is to produce pictures that satisfy yourself, if they also please others, then maybe that should be considered a bonus, nothing more. I donít think pleasing others should necessarily be a prime objective for amateurs, that way leads to mediocrity. I see the images of too many people who are apparently hooked on the technicalities of photographic production, those who seem to have forgotten that the our prime objective is to produce an enjoyable picture. As you say altering only one variable at a time is a sensible, and, I think, scientific way to proceed, but it may be a bit dull!

Having read and understood your statements, I disagree. People approach their understanding and growth in an endeavor in different ways. The old saying that good prints come from good negatives is so very true So, I strive to keep my "technical" ducks in a row. And yes, sometimes it can get in the way of imagintaion, but I think that is part of the challenge. I would much rather be firm in my technical understanding of exposure, processing, and printing because that is the barebones, bottomline, straight poop on photographic production. Someone is lacking in producing an enjoyable picture, may very well need to improve upon the technicalities of the process. Then, perhaps, their composition, subject matter, treatment of the subject, etc.. may begin shine through to themselves and others.