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Technique needs to be learned to the point that you can forget about it. I contend that those that cannot make pretty prints are the same ones that say that pretty prints get in the way of the message.

You have summed up what I really feel in much less space, by working through the process I detailed earlier, my intent is to let the technique become second nature, then I can enjoy photography even more (which would not seem possible to the folks that really know me). Thanks!!!

Knew I had forgotten something from the post, You found it :P , but you are correct. Without good notes the best efforts may not be as easy to reproduce.

I understand what you are saying, and I agree to the point that the technical should never become the 'focus' of making an image (no pun intended). For myself, though, it is needed - there are some who are gifted and grasp the concepts and process with little effort (or so it seems), but for me..well I need the process outlined to keep me on track. Like I said to Lee...at least until it is 2nd nature.

Thanks for the comments.