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...I guess I'm feeling sensitive today.
We all have those days. But I guess you were feeling a bit sensitive - the comment was not directed at you.

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Yes, i agree
Well, I was talking to you.

a) I don't think that comparing one's attnetion span to a rodent on drugs is all that insulting, especially since it was meant to be humorous.
b) I know you're enthusiastic, and I don't care how many threads there are on the same topic - its just you would actually learn more, and get more answers to a serious question if you just took a breath before hitting the "submit" button and noticed that a big huge thread, with some really experienced folks contributing exists already.

Usually I don't bother with these kinds of posts. But I like Marko and his (sometimes overt) enthusiasm, so I thought I'd point this out to him. Most of the people who just posted a thoughtful response on a subject will probably ignore your question or simply don't have the time and effort to repeat themselves. Its no skin off my back - you will simply get more out of this place if you bother to look first. And this was an extreme example... the thread was literally three or four posts below this one!
Marko - take a breath, think it over again, then post. I think you will find you will get better results that way.