Thanks, Bill, for hosting this event. I greatly appreciate your generosity with your time and all the effort you put into this event: it was obvious that you spent considerable time and thought into making things as pleasant, interesting, and productive as possible for us and you succeeded superbly. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, seeing all of the wonderful portfolios, and spending time in beautful northern Michigan. The platinum "mini-workshop" was a perfect introduction to this particularly beautiful medium and those members of my family who have seen the prints I made are very impressed with the unique qualities of platinum/palladium prints. Great, just what I need: something else to spend money on!

One of the folding chairs was mine (the purple one); a $5 end of season K-mart special. I forgot it but I have plenty more of them. Please keep it; I'm sure that it will come in handy in the future.

I look forward to future meetings with you and any or all of the other participants: everyone was very generous with sharing their knowledge, time, rides, and supplies. It was truely a great experience and I hope that you will repeat it in the future. Thanks, again!

Mike Sherck