Well I decided to order the VC Controller last week from Calumet.

I placed my order online and received a confirmation email saying that it would ship the same day.

A few days later and I still didnít have the package (I live close enough to their warehouse that I receive my orders next day after shipment) so I call to see why it hasnít shipped yet.

The guy tells me he will check into it and get back to me. He calls me back quickly and tells me that the item showing in stock on their web site was a mistake. It seems that some one had returned a defective unit and it should not have been placed back in stock.

I asked him if it would be back ordered and he told me that Beseler is no longer making or repairing these units!

So it looks like Iím in the market for a used one. If anyone knows where I can pick one up please let me know.