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First off, one or two people isn't everyone. Secondly, my face and body is mine to do with as I please and it doesn't please me to have strangers having photos of me, especially when I don't know in what way it's being used. People's likenesses are often used to represent something negative. If you want to hold someone up as an example of something negative go find yourself another victim. I have a right not to be your joke, your negative example.

Your assumption of me being ashamed is wrong. Perhaps you shouldn't make such assumptions when you really have nothing to base it on but a desire to make an argument.
Your face and body are indeed yours to do with as you please, but you have no legal expectation of privacy when you leave private spaces and venture out into public. The same legal system that allows others to photograph you in public also prevents them from publishing your image without consent for commercial use, and from holding you up to scorn or ridicule. You have legal recourse if these things happen; and I can't imagine in this day and age any publisher actually doing these things without a model release.

In the meantime may I gently suggest you should lighten up, and realize that none of us is really as important or noteworthy as we'd like to think, in the scheme of things.

How can I gently suggest to you that