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I usually weigh out the FO into 3 brown glass dropper bottles and then add the hot water when I need to coat. I normally weigh out 2.79 grams to each little brown bottle. A day or so before I get ready to coat, I will add 10 ml of water to a bottle.

My drop count for an 8 x 10 print is 18 drops FO.
Thanks Joe, just wondering how small an amount people made up. 10ml sounds like an amount that would be good for the on and off times I get to print. And will not be letting anything go to waste, and not be running out either.

Matt, sounds like good advice. Last round I was using 4 drops of FO + 4 drops of metal salts per 4x5, 6+6 drops for 5x7 and 10+10 for 8x10. That is with Arches Platine, with Cranes Cover I found I had to up the drop count at least 2 drops of FO and 2 drops of metal salts per size.