I will get an name and address to you for April.

To everyone else who is a current participant,

Thanks for sharing your passion and art with others in the exchange group.
Please accept my most humble apology for not being more on top of things, especially my own exchanges. I was hit with some major home repairs that involved the part of the house that contains my darkroom, and then just as I was getting caught up with my printing work for a couple of customers my wife's brother died suddenly from a Group A strep infection. He was 52, a non-smoker, a model of good health and a wonderful person. My wife has been devastated and we are just now getting back to normal.

I currently have the following people listed in the exchange, listed by use rnames:

David Vickery
Ken S
David Goldfarb
Phill Dresser
Ryan T. (not listed on the forum but someone I know)

Any one else is more then welcome, some rough guidelines are listed earlier in this post. I ask anyone who is currently exchanging prints to be patient, I will get new matches sent to you next week for April. ( I am going to forgo March, I had no time to get names out last month)

I would also like to extend a special invitation to the women on the forum to participate. Don't be shy, it is a great way to look at a variety of styles and techniques of others and be able to discuss work in more depth.