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Somewhere around here, I have a "Product Safety Sheet" describing a compound that reacts *violently* with certain chemicals ... an overdose of it can cause the cessation of breathing, and death. OSHA recommends protective gear, including eye protection whenever it is used. The compound... WATER.
It made the news this past weekend when a Southern California town was up in arms about the usage of this new evil chemical. It turned out to be the topic of a movement to ban it. *Dihydromonoxide* is just another name for water.

Livemoa You live in a world of chemicals. I understand your fear, and Like many have said, you do what you need to do for now. I would rather see you have the processing part done by others, than your images not processed at all. They can make contact sheets and work prints. From those you can decide which one to print, and how to crop/not crop what burning dodging etc that should be done to it. You can still make choices even if you don't actually get your gloved/non gloved hands in the trays.

Photography for most of us here is to enjoy. Have fun with it, and at your own pace ease into what you feel comfortable with.