Yes it will. This is a phenomenon of perspective, not so much the lens. If you are attentive you can see it with your naked eye.
Consider this. At ten feet using a telephoto lens on your 35mm you can measure to the ears of your subject - 10 feet, and to the tip of the nose, 9.5 feet more or less. 5 percent. As a percentage thats not much difference so the image sizes are relatively close to what you call normal. Now put a wide angle on and move in until the head is the same size as in the telephoto shot. Lets say this gets you to 3 feet. Measure to the ears again, three feet, to the nose, 2.5 feet. Now this turns into about 17 to 18 percent, more than three times the difference. And the relative sizes of those body parts will be changed by about that much.
The lens has little to do with these relationships, a pinhole camera will do the same thing.