I am considering purchasing an old Seal 150 Jumbo drymount press. The seller has listed a few problems with the equipment....

1. It is missing the bottom rubber mat, replacements seem to be available... are these easy to install?

2. The platen is not shiny clean.... There is apparently some kind of 'newspaperlike printed material' permanently adhered to the platen surface. The seller says this is not a problem because release papers or mat boards are used between the platen and the artwork.... is this so or is this a circumstance where billowing smoke, shooting flames or other unexpected disasters are a possibility?

I have never seen or used a drymount press and I am wondering if the above mentioned deficiencies are such that it should be avoided no matter how low the seller will go with the price? Is it even worth going to have a look and make an offer?

Thanks for your kind assistance.