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You wrote, "...Cleaning the platen is a pain in the rear. I spent hours with 600 grit sand paper. Release paper is important and also a clean mat board above the print when mounting. The smallest foreign matter will dent the surface of a print."

What IS the best way to clean the platen. I have spoiled several prints with dents, which one can't remove afterwards, right?

Thanks. ka
The best way to clean the platen is to not allow it to come in contact with dry mount tissue. In other words prevention is the best course of action. However, should cleaning be required then the platen cleaner that others have mentioned is good. Dents if very small can sometimes be corrected by using a drop of distilled water applied with a spotting brush. This will swell the gelatin and allow it to even out. If the emulsion is broken then no corrective action will correct it. Good luck.