Note to future googlers, dogpilers, yahoos and of course, Apuggers reading this thread for information about rotating darkroom doors:

Don't store or transport the door on its side. When I bought mine, it was stored on a pallet on its side. We drove it from Dallas, TX to Denton, TX in a U-Haul on its side, but stored it for a year or so verticle until now, when I'm installing it in my darkroom. There's a row of rivets on each side where the metal frame attaches to the rigid plastic outer cylinder. On one side, I got a clean break right down the row of rivets. On the other, there's a stress fracture that I'll have to strengthen soon before it breaks.

It was fun and satisfying to fix with some sheet metal, black roofing epoxy and a generous supply of pop rivets, but if it wasn't broke, I would have been able to spend that time doing other things to get my darkroom in production.

caveat emptor