I still haven't mixed the Potassium Dichromate solution I asked about earlier. I have a good mask and eye protection, gloves etc, and I've read the MSDS and that. I'm quite uneasy about handling it and starting to think I should have just bought a solution. But the money is spent.

I'm nervous even having the stuff around. It's in a white plastic opaque container, sealed with electrical tape in a drawer. I live in an apartment so its not in a basement or anything, its meters away from my kitchen (in a drawer and sealed like I said). Should I be freaking out? I smoke, I'm exposed to enough carcinogens as it is.

I have a clean, spacious and organzied area to mix my chems. It's well ventilated and I use protection. Is there much "dust" when working with it? After I finish prep and storing, how much should I have to worry about residual particles in the air? I'm scared of prolonged exposure to (even with it in the container in a drawer).

Any advice is appreciated