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I am befuddled by the want to use these tanks. They require the user to develop all the sheets for the same length of time.

I still think tray development is the way to go. I can develop six sheets simultaneously for six different times. 1 scratched negative in 26 years.

steve simmons
The nikor I can do more than 6 sheets at a time of 4x5. And most times when I am out in the field I can take upward of 20 shots. This gives me a chance to develop all the ones that would be of a same development time. If it is 6 or 5 sheets, I can use my jobo. For the times I want to use 2 to 4 I use Gordon Hutchings ss basket. For one sheet I use a nice little 5x7 tray. I have my system and it works for me.