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I have my system and it works for me.
And there is the key. Most persons who have been developing negatives for any length of time have a system that works best for them. There are advantages and disadvantages to all systems of development so by experience we adopt those systems that work best for us. To do otherwise would be just plain stupid, if not masochistic.

Photographers today are using many different systems: rotary processing in BTZS tubes and Jobo drums, shuffle agitation in trays, develop by inspection in trays, development in tanks such as the HP Combi-Plan, development in trays with the film in PVC tubes, the Sexton Slosher, and what am I missing?

Discussions such as this, when they take place, are most useful when they carefully weigh the pros and cons of each system according to reasonable criteria such as: 1) ability to provide even development, 2) freedom from development artifacts such as scratches, etc. 3) ease of operation, 4) potential to do most of the operation in daylight, and 5) cost. Those are my criteria, from highest importance to lowest, with about double value assigned to #1.

Sandy King