I've feel like I've reached a stage in my photography where I'm pretty convinced I can visualise and compose a decent photographic image. I also feel fairly confident in my knowledge of photographic chemistry and how to use this to benefit my negatives/ prints, and therefore get reasonably predictable results.

Now I'm struggling with Soul - by this I mean that certain something that, when you view the print it picks you up, smacks you in the face, and demands your attention. I see some amazingly technically perfect images here in the galleries, but often, to me, they seem little more than that, technical excersises with no Soul - please dont think this is a personal attack upon anyone specific - I class my own work in a similar light, I'm lacking Soul too.

I see some other work here of the most mundane subjects, but they sing out loud with more soul and harmony than a Gospel choir.

How do we foster this sense of soul? Is it innate and exclusive, is it about any single part of the image making process? Is it too emotive and intra-personal that no two people will agree what it is anyway?

every and any ones thoughts would be extremely helpful.