Like the above, I agree you have moved from the first level. While I know my work is still there, I also know that what you are looking for now - 'The Soul" of the image, will come. You can't rush it, there is no place, chemical, paper, camera, lens that will help get you there. IT IS IN YOU!

You have to let it out, you will know when it is there, you will Feel it when you look at a scene (now everything is different), you will know when you look through the viewfinder or at the ground glass, you will know when you pull the negative out of the soup for the first will Know when you print it.

The image will sing to you, you will feel an emotion that you may not feel right now - you will feel that same emotion when you 'See' a scene that you know would be a great photograph.

It is in you, you just have to help it come out..forget about wanting it, as the others have said - just go out and make art.

You have begun an journey - Good Luck and Good Light....