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Edward Weston once said something about how, when he started to think, he stopped photographing. Writers know the problem Donald is addressing - it's referred to as The Editor or The Critic. You're writing along in a groove and The Editor suddenly stops you with "That's no good." Or "So-and-so wouldn't write it that way."

We have the same thing with photography - as Donald said, the mind fills in and stops the seeing. How to move beyond this? I don't know yet.

Thanks for bringing up how to go beyond this critical aspect. Since the problem lies within us then the solution must lie there as well. The level of the correction must correspond to the level of the error.

The way to move beyond it is to consciously recognize this criticical aspect for what it is. To stop listening to it and to slow down. To free ourselves to "see". To photograph that which is always there before us as it actually exists.