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There is some really good work and some really unoriginal work.
I don't think Grant says everyone does this; I wouldn't have agreed with him, even on the limited terms that I did, if I had thought this was his thesis.

But how about this for an argument:

We all know Sturgeon's Law, in response to the assertion that 90 per cent of science fiction is rubbish. He famously replied that 90 per cent of anything is rubbish.

Well, even is alternative processes and ULF score better than this -- half, say -- then they stick in our minds more. We see endess bad conventional pics, and ignore them. But we hold the alternative process and ULF users to a higher standard. To have gone to all that trouble and STILL produced a bad picture (and then to show it to us) is more memorable than if a 'happy-snapper' does it.

And again, I'll repeat: the difference between original alternative process prints or ULF contacts, and reproduced or on-screen versions of those prints, is often immense.