I think Roger best understands my point in saying that sure there have been many, many bad photos taken with 35mm/MF (small format). That's not my point. Sometimes I feel that people who are shooting ULF or Alt. Process are almost shoving it down your throat that "this is good, look how beautiful my image is." And a lot of times I think by someone writing "bad scan of a technically beautiful image" is sort of a cop out. As photographers we all experience bad scans and I think we can all understand that basically any image on a computer screen doesn't look as good as the print itself. That's a given. I don't think that I'm grouping all the Alt. Process photographers in a basket in order to be provacative- I just feel that my point is most prevalent in this vein of work or it seems to be the most consistent with my feelings. By writing my first statement I was no way saying "I think smaller, basic forms of photography are better." I was saying that it seems to be a reoccuring trend that ULF and Alt. Process work lend itself to a few different genres of photography- whereas smaller format photographers and people shooting tri-x or kodak portra seem to be able to shoot a myriad of different subject matters/or genres in photography. Many of you are right when you say that I'm speaking on a subject matter that just doesn't interest me. But it is the fact that people shooting in smaller formats cover more genres of photography and more varied subjects- and therefore there is a greater chance of everyone finding something of interest to them. Basically I'd like to see more ULF and Alt. Process photographers step out of the box and make some images that are not expected of them.