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To have gone to all that trouble and STILL produced a bad picture (and then to show it to us) ...

granted I cant help but comment. I work in ULF and (gasp) I sometimes even tilt it vertically.
but regardless, all of this is so subjective. Comments like "bad picture" and the like (not meaning to finger you roger just that it was in the last post) these comments are so relative to the viewer.
I recently was asked by a fellow artist to tell her some of my favorite photographers, people's work I admire. I listed off a few of the books I keep handy for those stale moments when I need inspiration. Then also listed off some of the photographers websites I visit fairly often. Carl Weese was one of them. A few days later this same friend was very suprised that I listed Carl Weese. Saying "its so boring uninspiring and with a total lack of creativity". Really nothing to reply other than its relative to the observer. Thats the freedom we all are afforded just by choosing to look at something.

that is sort of a long post to say "good is subjective" but the point being its all subjective, every format, process chosen, all of it. Imagine like clay says you can find pretty much bad work in any combination of process/format.