Don't get the idea that I am offended or totally disagreeing with your statement: there is a lot of alt-process work floating around that is remarkable only for the process used in printing it. My point is that there is just a lot of ordinary work being done with all the methods, conventional and 'alt'.

One of the things to consider is that alt-process work is generally contact printed and requires a negative the same size as the print. This, in and of itself, imposes some working method constraints: big cameras on tripods. I think one of the liberating things about some 'unmentionable' developments of the last three years or so is that we now have the ability to take pictures with any sort of equipment and quickly and easily make negatives that can be printed in many of the alternative processes. In fact, when I teach workshops now, I don't even mention the need for large negatives. I just tell people to bring good images and we can print them.

Nowadays, I think the alt-world has fewer image acquisition constraints than does the 'zone, tone and moan' silver gelatin contact printing world. But in the end, you like what you like. If the mere sight of a platinum print brings an uncomfortable mental image of some bearded guy in a Tilley hat standing next to a monstrous tripod, then I would say avoid platinum prints at all costs.